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Haygrove Tunnels South Africa  was born in 1996 and after developing the technology in the UK to protect strawberries, then started to export to growers in other countries in 2001. Today the business works with a team of design engineers who have developed bespoke systems not only for North European climates, but also for many other climate zones from Kenya to Patagonia.

Our passion is working grower to grower – not just selling the technology, but working with growers to ensure they optimise their returns from the Haygrove Tunnel system.

Haygrove farming continues to grow berries worldwide with farms in the United Kingdom and South Africa. The main crops grown are strawberries and raspberries. These crops are both soil and substrate grown. The importance of efficient substrate growing has led Haygrove to develop and perfect a number of substrate growing systems and to become one of the market leaders in this field.

Under-pinning our business is Haygrove Development. We are trying our best to harness our horticultural experience and technologies to help develop under-privileged and emerging growers – we also try to foster co-operation with other small and medium size businesses with the aim of developing smaller and emerging farmers who have not been formerly exposed to Growing under cover.  We are certain that the problems of Africa need not only the involvement of NGOs but of established business as well.   See http://www.haygrove.co.uk/haygrove-development/ for more details.

Haygrove South Africa (Pty) Ltd has its offices, warehouse and training facility in Grabouw in the Western Cape. The company is run by the Managing Director, Mark Pritchett.  Mark holds a BSc degree in Horticulture and Agriculture Economics from The University of Stellenbosch.  Mark previously grew 80 hectares of strawberries in the UK, 40 of which were protected with the Haygrove tunnel.

Haygrove brings a grower to grower approach. Our goal is to supply farmers with a cost effective solution to covering large areas with tunnels.  Offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing efficiency.

Our sales personal are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.

Haygrove has the combined expertise drawn from experience in 52 other countries over the last 7 years. We have now perfected our tunnel spec and supply chain to conform to a sound service.

Steel Gutters

We have the capacity to supply a hectare of tunnels at any given time and our in-house fabrication allows us to make adaptations and produce specialised components locally.

The exceptional climatic conditions in South Africa has forced us to strive for the correct tunnel specification whilst maintaining our cost vs. strength balance. We have over 600ha of crops covered around South Africa to date.

As experts in multispan tunnels, we supply farmers with well specified solutions to covering any area from a small germination house to large areas spanning many hectares.  We maintain our integrity and find the perfect balance between cost and strength for each individual farmer.

The Haygrove Shade Series structures are uniquely flexible and upgradeable. Innovative design has resulted in decreased cost/m2 and offers growers the ability to completely remove the net with ease and from the ground, this allows optimum light penetration, pollination or the ability to dry a crop. The arched structure allows more consistent light penetration through the net into the crop canopy. The arched structure has an additional 35% more air volume than a flat top structure of the same leg height.

Structures are designed to also be moveable by using legs augured into the ground and held in position by anchor plates. Leg heights can vary from 1.25m, through to 4,5m, providing unmatched air volumes and the ability to cover larger tree crops maximum apex height is 7.5m. The frame is built using imported extra strength high tensile pre-galvanized steel. Each structure’s specification is tailored to the grower’s unique environment and crop. See video here: tree cover


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Our Turnkey Project service has been developed to assist clients during all phases of their projects, from planning and design all the way through to construction and implementation.  Our training and agronomy support is designed to be project-specific and hands-on so that the client is well versed in his own structures and unique situation.

To gain a better understanding of Haygrove and our outstanding products please watch this introductory video: Intro Haygrove

Haygrove South Africa Pty Ltd

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