Rain Covers

An affordable field-scale solution to managing rain, hail and frost especially during harvest when you want to avoid excessive moisture on your crop.


  • Can be built up to 5m in height.
  • Proven to withstand high winds.
  • Rain covers can be supplied as stand-alone structures, new installations, or retrofitted beneath existing shade net structures.
  • Designed to tolerate slopes and gradients.
  • Easily installed in existing orchards containing mature plants.


  • Rain covers facilitate the harvest of dry fruit, offering protection from either rain and dew. Picking is not stopped during wet conditions.
  • Less disease pressure. Wet fruit, plants and flowers can result in disease problems.
  • Rain covers add additional wind and hail protection.
  • A build-up of humidity beneath rain covers during hot conditions can reduce stress on your crop.
  • Rain covers diffuse sunlight, minimise thermal radiation loss and prolongs transpiration.
  • Increased fruit production and percentage of class 1 fruit packout.
  • Spring frost protection.
  • Reduced water evaporation from soil.
  • Grapes: Uniformity of bunches.
  • Cherries: Protection against berry cracking.
  • Kiwis: Protection from PSA bacteria.


Crops harvested during rainy seasons, including berries, cherries, kiwis, table grapes.

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