Rain Covers

Rain covers offer growers an affordable solution to keep the rain off your crop. 


Why Haygrove Raincovers?

Haygrove’s extensive Research and Development and experience in polythene structures has resulted in in our ability to design a raincover structure that is strong and wind resistant, Haygrove’s rain covers can be supplied as a stand-alone structure or simply retrofitted beneath existing shade net structures. Our design and use of steel poles have reduced the risk of the structures pulling out the ground and can tolerate slopes and gradients.

Product Benefits

  • We can accommodate your planting spacings.
  • The ability to hibernate prolongs polythene life and provides the ability for crop manipulation.
  • Harvest dry fruit. No wet fruit from either rain or dew. Picking is not stopped during wet conditions.
  • Greater control over environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity.
  • Rain covers add additional wind and hail protection.
  • A build-up of humidity beneath rain covers during hot conditions can minimize stress on your crop.
  • Reduces heat loss at night, reducing the risk of frost.
  • Rain covers diffuse sunlight which increases light penetration into leaf canopy.
  • Minimizes thermal radiation loss and prolongs transpiration.
  • Increased fruit production and percentage of class 1 fruit pack-out.
  • Reduced water usage.

Crop Benefits

  • Blueberries: better fruit set, dry fruit for harvest, increased berry size
  • Grapes: Uniformity of bunches; increased berry size
  • Cherries: Protection against berry cracking; increased fruit size; keeps fruit dry; reduced moisture exposed
  • Kiwis: Protection from PSA bacteria; increased humidity
  • Stone Fruit: Increased fruit quality
  • Apples: Rain cover protection included in the orchard of the future?!


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