A field scale greenhouse. Specially designed as our tallest structure in the Haygrove range. Can accommodate trellised crops. Proven to withstand very high winds. 


  • Built up to 4m at the gutter and 6.5m to the apex.
  • Specified to work with crops up to a trellis weight of 30 to 35kg per sq. m.
  • Options for roller doors or side walls.
  • Options for mechanized roller roof vents.
  • These can be retrofitted.


  • The Trellis tunnel can be fitted with many different doors and materials, the doors vary from automated through to manual a few options are
  • Roller doors
  • Hinged Doors
  • Exclusion doors
  • Simple shade net doors


  • A field scale greenhouse at tunnel prices.
  • Also a terrific option for growers considering an expensive greenhouse but can instead opt for a Haygrove Gutter Connect Trellis Tunnel and cover a greater area for the same budget.
  • The Trellis Tunnel features large air volumes – it is built up to 4m to the gutter and 6.6m to the apex. The Trellis Series has large volume steel gutters to harvest valuable rainfall.
  • The integrated trellis cable infrastructure is designed to carry weights up to 30 to 35 kg per sq m.
  • The size of the Trellis Tunnels and the fact that the crop is grown to an overhead trellis cable, means that tractors can be used under the trellis.
  • This is excellent for mow down, grubbing, cleaning out old crops and making new raised beds.


  • For in-determinant tomato crops, peppers or capsicum Cucumbers or any type of trellis crop High value crops or nursery stock, conventionally grown in greenhouses.