Weed Mat

With over 23 years of experience in offering outstanding customer service in Southern Africa, our range has now expanded to include weed mat!

What is weed mat?

Water-permeable Geosynthetic Mulch / Ground cover for weed growth prevention. It works by blocking the weeds’ access to light, while still allowing water and nutrients to reach the soil below.

WHY weed mat?

Weed mat retains moisture in the soil, suppresses weeds, controls soil temperature, prevents erosion, and creates a favourable working environment (no mud!).

Which crops benefit from weed mat?

New and existing orchard plantings (apples, cherries, citrus, etc); nursery production; greenhouse crops; berries (pots and soil production); cut flowers, cannabis, and table grapes (to mention a few!)

Weed mat options:

  • Black: Warms the soil
  • White: Reflects sunlight, keeping the soil cooler in hot climates
  • Grey: Reflecting light into the canopy whilst retaining heat.
  • 110/135gsm weights available


  1. Water Saving: saves water and helps protect plants, especially in times of drought.
  2. Temperature: Controls the temperature of the soil, thereby protecting the plants from extreme heat or cold.
  3. Economic saving: No labour costs for weeding and reduced herbicide use.
  4. Pest control: Less weeds means less pests
  5. Fertilizer usage: Fertiliser is directly available to the plant and not used by competing weeds.

Why Haygrove?

  • Service comes first. Under promise and over-deliver. Honest timely communication!
  • Locally manufactured product
  • Customised options available on bulk orders
  • Reputable company with a large local and international footprint!
  • We are just remarkable people, damnit!


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