Haygrove Green House Retractable Screens

Haygrove retractable screen provides the grower with an additional cost-effective and efficient tool to manage the microclimate within a structure.

The mechanical system can either be automated on a variety of parameters or manually operated, giving the grower the ability to:

  • Increase shading during higher light intensity events.
  • Protection from direct sunlight against scorch and sunburn when roof vents are open.
  • Protect the crop from frost.
  • Reduce greenhouse energy costs -reduces the growers reliance on heating or cooling systems.
  • Lengthen or shorten the growing hours in the day.
  • The screens are retracted underneath the gutter for minimum shading.
  • The screens can be integrated into Haygrove’s fully climate-controlled system, working in conjunction with automated venting or pad and fan.
  • Increase humidity during the day.

Can be fitted with a variety of materials:

    • Can be used as blackout material-lengthening daylight hours.
    • Fleece for frost protection
    • Shade for shading
    • Energy screens to reflect heat and light

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