Project Management

Haygrove Project Management offers construction & maintenance solutions to our clients. We will carefully asses the size and location of the project and assist in proposing the most cost-effective option of helping you manage your build.

Project Management

Our Project Management model is based on the premise of saving the Grower money, time and the stress of managing the construction.

Haygrove will assist in the planning of the project, provide the necessary on site management and tools for the build. In order save costs we will use clients labour, tools and machinery if these are available.

In conjunction with a project plan (Gantt Chart) and full resource schedule the site manager will optimize productivity, motivate the teams and ensure budget and time frames are adhered too.

Clear communication throughout the project with the Grower, Haygrove project manager and the site manager ensures a smooth construction process.

Specialist tools and machinery can be provided by Haygrove for the anchor ground works and working at height. Health and Safety is a priority for Haygrove, and our site team will insure the correct procedures and training is given and adhered to.

Maintenance and Site Audits

A well maintained tunnel, greenhouse or shade net structure will last. Identify and fix small problems before they become big.

Haygrove offers site inspections and/or site audits; offered to growers who don’t have the time to do general maintenance. Our team of experts will come to site and inspect the tunnels, where after a report will be issued based on the findings and recommendations made. This is followed by on-site maintenance.



Construction Training

A site manager will both instruct and provide training to a grower’s manager and/or team throughout varying stages of the construction phase.

Tunnel Management

Managing your greenhouse for optimal growth is important. Understanding when to vent, the relationship between temperature and humidity and how this effects your crop is important.

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