Our Goals


To give all staff opportunities to grow and develop.

To employ and manage staff based on their strengths.

For every staff member to look forward to every day working for Haygrove.

To acknowledge achievements.

To encourage every staff member to be part of Haygrove's "do-one-thing" campaign. Making a positive impact on someones life, no matter how small.

To support local community projects.


Can one person make a difference? Yes, but more people can make a bigger difference.

Haygrove has made a commitment to look seriously at our impact on the environment. We are consciously looking at plastic recycling as a way of using this to highlight other environmental issues that need to be addressed.

We are taking small steps to ensure Haygrove makes a difference. Haygrove has formed a committee named THE GREEN TEAM. The green team is formed from volunteers across the spectrum of Haygrove.
The green team’s goals:

1. Use recycling as an initial awareness campaign to highlight environmental issues
2. Research an efficient recycling scheme for Haygrove on the Panorama farm
3. Educate and ensure awareness of the importance of recycling and not littering for all Haygrove employees
4. Once we are “walking the walk” and not just talking – host awareness campaigns with neighbouring farms.
5. We would like to encourage a change in the mind-set of people working for us and next to us so that they in turn can influence other people (family and friends).
6. Ensure Haygrove as a company can convince other companies to follow a proven model of changing mind sets.
7. Ensure that all polythene sold by Haygrove to customers gets recycled. We are investigating innovative ways to ensure we make this as easy for our clients as possible.


To constantly improve and exceed our customers' expectations.

To stay alive and well-oiled!

To continually create opportunities for great people through careful growth.

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