Viticulture in Haygrove tunnel

Vineyard inside a Haygrove  tunnel
Vineyard inside a Haygrove tunnel

vines in tunnels


Mark Chien from Penn state university published an interesting article on growing grapes in Haygrove tunnels. According to him this can be very beneficial to people that want to grow grapes in colder climates.

He state the following as some of the advantages on planting vines under plastic cover:

Greater consistency achieving mature fruit

Earlier bud break and fruit ripens sooner than uncovered grapes

Control of vine-water relations, ability to use regulated deficit irrigation

Finer control of nutrition using fertigation

Less disease problems

Less insect problems

Longer and better acclimation period resulting in enhanced cold hardiness

Better spring (and possibly fall) frost protection

If you are interested in the reading the full article, please click on the following link:


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