New Haygrove Super Solo Greenhouse for vegtable garden

Haygrove South Africa recently assisted with the construction of a Haygrove Super Solo tunnel for Bethlehem Comprehensive School. This was made possible by the Dihlasbeng Local Municipality.Haygrove Super Solo tunnel

Haygrove Super Solo tunnel

The Haygrove Super Solo Series Tunnel provides all the advantages of a well-sealed single bay structure but with the air volume of traditional multi-span Tunnels.

Vertical side walls are manufactured to be 1.2m from the soil before forming the arch. Height at the apex is then constructed to 4m. This is perfect for trellis crops like cucumbers and tomatoes in Haygrove tunnels.Haygrove Super Solo with 4m apex

Haygrove Super Solo with 4m apex

Key Features of the Haygrove Super Solo tunnel:

  • Single or Multi Bay (optional): The tunnels can either be built in single bays or linked together using a double prong anchor
  • Steel trellis systems can be added for growers wanting to trellis crops hanging from the tunnel itself
  • Growers wanting to force early crops such as strawberries, blueberries and asparagus
  • The taller Super-Solo option is ideal for trellising tomatoes, peppers or for table-top production of strawberries
  • Nursery and specialist propagation units

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