Haygrove’s Retractable Rain Covers

Did you know that Haygrove’s Rain Covers are able to tolerate slopes and gradients?

Rain covers provide growers with an affordable solution to managing environmental conditions and evolving weather patterns.

There are a number of benefits associated with rain covers and we have listed our top ten below.

10 Benefits of Rain covers:

  1. Greater control over environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity, thereby extending the growing season and increasing profitability.
  2. Rain covers diffuse sunlight which minimises the amount of thermal radiation that reaches the leaf, resulting in prolonged transpiration.
  3. Reduced leaf temperature relative to air temperature reduces stress on the crop thus increasing yields.
  4. Rain covers help to optimise growing conditions resulting in increased production and greater percentages of class 1 fruit packout.
  5. Rain covers keep crops dry during harvest.
  6. Reduce water evaporation from soil.
  7. Rain covers offer crop protection against Spring frost.
  8. Grapes: Uniformity of bunches.
  9. Cherries: Protection against berry cracking.
  10. Kiwis: Protection from PSA bacteria.

We would like to take this opportunity to showcase one of our recent rain cover installations from start to completion.

These Haygrove Rain Covers are being erected under an existing shade net structure, in an orchard containing mature plants.

Step 1. Steel poles are installed on top of leg anchors.

Step 2. Steel cables connect the entire structure and are anchored to the ground.

Step 3. Reinforced polythene is secured to the structure.

Step 4: Project completion – reinforced polythene is secured over each row ensuring maximum coverage and crop protection.

The difference in moisture levels between exposed berries and those protected by these Haygrove Rain Cover can be seen in the photos below.

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