Haygrove Trellis Tunnel (Trellis crop production)

The Haygrove Trellis tunnel is a reflection of Haygrove ever improving developments. We strive to keep in line with what the agronomists/advisers are recommending farmers go for in the industry. This tunnel is a result of looking at the needs of farmers across Africa.

Farmers are battling high temperatures. Haygrove Trellis tunnel with silver reflective shade net and a simple misting system yields great results in the Hot climates. In cooler climates this tunnel can have extra heating retrofitted. The air volume is reduced under the trellis system. And a smaller heating requirement is needed.

This tunnel comes with two options in heights to the steel gutter.



  1. 2.25 meter Trellis height to the gutter. (5.5 meters to the Apex)
  2. 4 meter Trellis height to the gutter. (7.25 meters to the Apex)

Any farmers considering growing Indeterminate varieties of Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers or Runner beans should consider the Trellis tunnel. Have a look at some of the pictures to see the results.









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