Haygrove Trellis Series proving their worth in Namibia

Haygrove Tunnels recently supplied a Trellis series structure to Mr Piet Van Zyl outside Windhoek in Namibia.

25-01-2017 003
25-01-2017 007 - CopyMr van Zyl and his son Paul constructed the tunnels themselves, with minimal assistance from a Haygrove technician.  Haygrove has always strived to provide the best growing environment using advanced technology combined with simple designs and all kudos go to Piet and Paul, who did an excellent job with no previous experience.

25-01-2017 009 - Copy

Most of the production accessories such as grow bags, substrate and chemicals were supplied by Haygrove.  It was decided to use Haifa Multicote controlled release fertilizer – a decision which has since borne fruits – literally and figuratively!   The Van Zyls also installed their own irrigation, using design principles supplied by Haygrove as a support service.

The structures have performed very well thus far and its safe to say the Van Zyls first cucumber crop has performed beyond expectations.  Piet did all due diligence and has managed structures and crop with great attention to detail, which always reduces the risk in any endeavour.  Well done to them and congratulation!

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