Haygrove sees a surge in interest from emerging growers

Haygrove has experienced a noticeable increase in the interest shown by first-time tunnel growers. This is attributed to a number of factors, such as erratic weather conditions and increased pressure from markets.  There is also a surge in interest from home-growers wishing to produce their own organic vegetables for home consumption.

Our wide range of structures caters to all these needs – from the tiny 2mX4m Home greenhouse to the multi-hectare trellising structures for intensive producers.

We recently attended the African Farmers Workshop in Muldersdrift where our “Farm in a box” concept was very well received by a number of NGO’s and government departments.IMG-20150506-WA004 IMG-20150507-WA030 IMG-20150507-WA031 IMG-20150519-WA001

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