Haygrove new Tree cover shade net structure

Haygrove Shade net Tree Cover

See a video on the Haygrove Tree shade net structure here:

The Haygrove Shade net cover is uniquely flexible and upgradeable. Innovative design has resulted in a decrease in cost/m2 and offers growers the ability to completely remove the net with ease and all from the ground. This allows optimum light penetration and better pollination when needed during fruit set. The arched structure allows more consistent light penetration through the net into the crop canopy. The arched structure has an additional 35% more air volume than a flat top structure of the same leg height. Structures are designed to also be moveable by using legs augured into the ground and held in position by anchor plates and cables. Leg heights can vary from 1.25m, through to 4,5m, providing unmatched air volumes and the ability to cover larger tree crops maximum apex height is 7.5m. The frame is built using imported extra strength high tensile pre-galvanized steel. Each structure’s specification is tailored to the grower’s unique environment and crop.

            Key Features


  • Flexible Bay widths from 7.5m to 10.0m to match crop row spacing


  • Follows the natural contours of the land – can therefore tolerate most gradients


  • Built to any length.


  • Superior light penetration and hail-shedding abilities.


  • Net can be removed and re-installed with ease.


  • Easy and quick construction
Comparison between New Haygrove shade net cover and traditional pole and cable
Pole and cable Haygrove shade net tree cover
Limited Air volume Significant larger air volume (+-35%)
Potential pollination issues Top net easily removed to provide optimal pollination
Disease pressure higher due to smaller air volume Larger air volume decreases disease pressure
Closed design with no extra ventilation options Nets easily removed for total ventilation.
Limitation in design flexibility Design Flexibility wrt bay width, leg heights
Excessive hail can cause structural damage. Effective shedding of hail due to curvature of hoop- less damage to structures
Variable shading % due to sun angle and flat top Curved top allows more constant shading – esp if N-S  orientated
Structure design is fixed Structure has many upgrade and retrofit options
Fixed construction Structure is moveable – no concrete required
Design not suited for high winds Galvanised high tensile steel structure – built to withstand strong winds and weather conditions
Relatively high construction cost/time Construction is cheap and quick


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