Haygrove constructing new greenhouse with 2.5 meter gutter height!

Haygrove South Africa is busy constructing a 2.5 meter Trellis Tunnel. The Trellis Tunnel is specified to feature large air volume – it is built up to 4m  to the gutter and 6m to the apex. The Trellis Series is also fully gutter connect with  steel gutters. The Trellis infrastructure is designed to carry weights up to 30 to 35 kg per sq m which means that most commercial crops can be accommodated in the structure. The size of the Trellis Tunnels and the fact that the crop is grown to an overhead trellis cable, means that field tractors can be used. This is excellent for mow down, grubbing, cleaning out old crops and making new raised beds.

A field scale greenhouse at Tunnel prices. Specially designed for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or any crop that would value trellising.

Haygrove South Africa busy with construction of Greenhouse
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