Haygrove 4-Series tunnels.

Haygrove’s 4-Series tunnel is the most popular tunnel constructed using 40mm, galvanized,  extra strong steel grade. The tunnel includes the latest leg designs with options for 2.5m, 2m and 1.5m legs with bay widths from 7m up to 8.5m.


The 4-Series is typically used by growers for 5 raised beds of strawberries, 3 rows of raspberries, 3 rows of blueberries, high value flowers, salads, vegetables, ornamentals and nursery stock.

IMG-20131002-00142 IMG_0080

Options for steel gantry systems for sprayers, overhead irrigation or carrying trolleys, this also increase the strength of the structure.

Backsberg Standard (12)

All Haygrove’s tunnels can be clad with polythene, shade net, hail, insect net or a combination.

Roller doors on 4-Series tunnel Polythene clad 4-Series tunnel Shade net clad 4-Series tunnel

Steel gutters, electric roller ends and automated electric roof venting can all be retrofitted later as required




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