Undercover Farming Expo!!!!

     Attention Growers,We will have a show site at the exciting upcoming Undercover Farming Expo!!! Anyone keen on attending please contact undercover directly.See below.
Newsletter   6                                                                                                                      February 2012

Register   now for Undercover Farming Expo / ASNAPP Conference

You are invited to register for this three day   conference about intensive farming techniques and farming industries, aimed   at existing and potential producers and buyers of vegetables, flowers, fruit   and seedlings being produced under protective cover.

Date:  6 – 8 March 2012

Venue: Saint George Hotel & Convention Centre, Irene

International speakers from Kenya, The   Netherlands, Belgium, Zambia, Namibia and Israel

Keynote   address by

MEC for Agriculture in   Gauteng, Ms Nandi Mayathula-Khoza

Desired outcome of this conference:

To investigate and promote   reduced carbon emissions from intensive farming practices, to focus on   smallholder farms’ successes with intensive farming, to grow this sector in   the industry and to identify where Southern Africa is in terms of being the   food basket for the world.

Highlights   on the conference programme

¨         Martin Helmich, Greenport   International in The NetherlandsSustainable   innovations in greenhouse technology¨         Stan Deckers, Bodemkundige Dienste   in BelgiumWater   quality and the management of plant nutrition when producing in a soilless   substrate

¨         Anton Bril, VGB in The Netherlands

Working   towards a sustainable product chain in the protected flower industry

¨         The Status of horticulture in East   Africa

Catherine   Riungu, Managing Editor, Horticulture News, Kenya

¨         The impact of rising costs on   Agriculture in South Africa

André   Jooste, Agribusiness Chamber

¨         The economics of greenhouse crop   production

Ernst   Janovsky, Absa Agribusiness

¨         Future of greenhouse crop   production research & development in South Africa

Dr Petrus   Langenhoven, ASNAPP

¨         Vegetable production and export   from Zambia, challenges and opportunities

Luke   Mbewe, Zambian Export Growers Association

¨         Potential for the production and   export of fresh produce from Namibia

Pieter de   Wet, Namibian Development Corporation

¨         Using sophisticated Greenhouse   films makes the Grower money

Yoram   Sztyglic, Vegtech

¨         Irrigation system selection and   its impact on water use

Felix   Reinders, ARC: IAE


Full Conference:

R 2 000.00 (plus VAT) per delegate

Individual Sessions:

R 800.00 (plus VAT) per delegate per   session

Full   conference programme and registration form available on



Hanlie Delport

+27 73 231 0706

Limited   exhibition space still available

Limited exhibition space is still   available for the Undercover Farming Expo. Exhibitors who are still   interested in booking space should do so urgently. Contact Suzanne Marx on   tel (012) 804 5854 or e-mail exhibitions@undercoverfarmingexpo.co.za    for more information about available stands.


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