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16 July 2021

Haygrove’s Retractable Rain Covers

Did you know that Haygrove's Rain Covers are able to tolerate slopes and gradients? Rain covers provide growers with an…

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15 January 2014

Aquaponic project in Haygrove tunnels January 2014

[caption id="attachment_557" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Cobus Pienaar with the Haygrove tunnels in which he is setting up an aquaponic growing system[/caption]…

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21 March 2013

Haygrove helps Eco-School

  "I cannot believe how quickly plants grow in the tunnel" Teacher Venessa Dave Applewood preparatory school recently received a…

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19 March 2013

Haygrove SA cover swimming pool.

    Recently Haygrove SA covered a swimming pool with great success. Note in the photo below how the venting…

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21 August 2012

African Farmers Expo 2012

Thank you very much for everybody that visited the Haygrove stand at the African Farmers Expo 2012.[gallery]

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