Total vent Tunnel

Why Total Vent?

The most affordable structure on the market offering complete flexibility between full cover and complete exposure, with the ability to incorporate internal retractable screens. The mechanical venting allows the grower to roll up the polythene all the way to the apex of the structure, replicating open conditions. It gives you the ability to hibernate your polythene without any labour costs. The structure can be partially vented, optimising your internal temperature and humidity depending on the crops needs.

Product Benefits

✔️ Fully open for pollination

✔️ Fully open for winter dormancy periods

✔️ Extends the lifespan of the polythene by hibernating

✔️ Options to incorporate internal retractable screens

✔️ Partial venting ability for precise climate control

✔️Ability to be fully automated

✔️ Precision climate management of light and ventilation to maximise yield

✔️ Incorporates high volume rainwater gutters

✔️ Open or close the structure quickly for freak weather events (snow, hurricane events, hail)

Crop Benefits

  • Cherries-minimise fruit splitting, open for maximised chilling units and pollination. Close only for rain cover or manipulate crop timing.
  • Kiwis- open for pollination and closed for PSA virus.
  • Berries- Keep your fruit dry, maximum pollination and chill units for breaking dormancy.
  • Vegetables-optimise temperature and humidity levels throughout the season and incorporate insect net for complete virus control.
  • Cannabis- Offers full outdoor exposure. Close to avoid crop getting wet.


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