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22 August 2019


Whether you bought your original structure from us or are just looking for replacement poly for your existing structures, Haygrove…

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11 May 2019

Welcome to Haygrove Tunnels South Africa

Haygrove Tunnels South Africa  was born in 1996 and after developing the technology in the UK to protect strawberries, then…

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19 December 2018

Haygrove new Tree cover shade net structure

Haygrove Shade net Tree Cover See a video on the Haygrove Tree shade net structure here: The Haygrove Shade…

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13 November 2018

Creative farming methods in Haygrove structure for water saving

An extract from a recent article in the engineering news.  Read the full article by clicking on the link below: Amid…

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31 August 2018

Haygrove sees a surge in interest from emerging growers

Haygrove has experienced a noticeable increase in the interest shown by first-time tunnel growers. This is attributed to a number…

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11 July 2018

Haygrove tunnels retrofit options

Haygrove tunnels have a number of retro fit options available to existing clients. These options can be fitted to most…

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08 June 2018

Tomatoes in Haygrove Trellis tunnel

Recently Haygrove South Africa constructed a fully sealed greenhouse for a tomato producer. Specifications of the tunnel: 4 590 Square…

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01 June 2018

Haygrove South Africa 4-Series tunnels

Delivering continuity of grade one produce to the end consumer is the mission of every fruit, vegetable and flower grower.…

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26 April 2018

Haygrove Trellis Series proving their worth in Namibia

Haygrove Tunnels recently supplied a Trellis series structure to Mr Piet Van Zyl outside Windhoek in Namibia. Mr van Zyl…

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28 March 2018

Technologies for Improved Greenhouse Tunnel Management.

Increasingly challenging weather patterns combined with increased demand from markets has resulted in many open-field producers moving to production under…

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