Automated Venting

Haygrove South Africa and AgrilogiQ have partnered to develop the most user-friendly, modular, and cost-effective field-scale polytunnel climate automation system.

Climate Controlled Fully Automated Venting Solutions

The poly tunnel automation system consists of vent motorisation and an on-site dashboard with internal and external weather stations. These record wind speed and direction, rain, temperature, humidity and Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD), allowing the grower to choose which factors to base the automation on and track the internal environmental changes as the venting takes place.

System Control

Once the automation parameters are entered into the program, the internal and external environments can be compared thereby enabling the system to vent the structure to meet the growers’ requirements.

The system has many safety features, including wind orientation, sun orientation, and closure in the event of rain – all automated and controllable through a website, which gives you control whether you are on the farm or not.

Automation Benefits

  • Simple and straightforward to use – all the hard work is done in the background.
  • The motors have decentralised load management for ease of modular expansion at field-scale.
  • 4 position venting allowing, stepped or sequential opening (as opposed to 2 position which refers to being either opened or closed).
  • Wireless communication minimizes installation costs.
  • Input and output wireless connectivity allows cost-effective scalability for large projects.
  • The system utilizes a unique suite of products & motors specifically designed to optimize venting automation.
  • Highly unique rain, wind & sun safety algorithm.
  • The system formulates custom reports and allows for tracking of historical weather data, and vent positioning feedback.

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